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Based in Los Angeles, CA. Still Waters Network provides, designs, and executes culturally significant programs and events that shape impactful ideas to raise global awareness through the creative arts. From large arena size concerts, medium size branded corporate events, to intimate workshops and everything in between, Still Waters Network team provides unique resources that will make any program or event a memorable and unforgettable occasion.

Still Waters Writers' Workshop 2020

The grandchild of the 1965 Watts Writers' Workshop

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The Still Waters Experience fuses live art, music & spoken word into a wave of art healing through cultural expressions that connects us all. Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles CA. Still Waters has grown into theatrical productions, school curriculum's, publishing, workshops, conferences and arts education for universities and private Institutions alike.  


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The Still Waters Experience

Where Live Art, Music & Blowing Words Explode!

Behind the Brand

Oshea Luja aka Food4Thought) founded

Still Waters Events in April of 2007, in

April of 2008 the brand was born. 

Still Waters humble beginnings....

Oshea Luja

Melanie Luja

Melanie Luja aka Queen Socks - is the CEO of The Still Waters Network, she is

also the host of Still Waters Events and the co-creator of Still Waters Products...

Still Waters Culture

Still Waters  Publishing

Still Waters Hair & Skin Care

- By Subtle Tiyes

Still Waters is excited to present there all natural skin and hair care product line made by Subtle Tiyes.  This line features extraordinary sprays, oils, body butters, shampoo's and conditioners.  Click button below to browse products.

We have a growing reputation for producing quality work in a wide variety of genres by culturally grounded authors.  The press focuses on  Poetry, Non-Fiction, Fiction and History, particularly works that have an edge to them, or are completely distinct from works published by most large commercial presses.

The Still Waters Culture has become synonymous with growth through creativity and entrepreneurship.  Please take a moment and explore the culture, we are welcoming all positive creatives that are looking to be connected to a thread that connects us all.

 Internal Balance - Would You Marry You? is a prayer, an affirmation, a blessed relationship reference guide. It is a reminder of your validation, worthiness, and contract with self, to love, live and express your life’s purpose out-loud unapologetically. The book explores essential methods to bring love, balance and harmony into our lives by simply saying “I Do” to self. Would You Marry You? Is the theme of the books fabric, inciting laughter, provoking thought, and encouraging stillness through rumination, as one voyage through these poignant questions and antidotes for self-love.

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Awesome Recent Events

Time With Masters of Rhyme

A Last Poet & A Watts Prophet

Dr. Jalal Nurridin & Father Amde

Hammonds House Museum

Atlanta GA.

Internal Balance The Retreat

Facilitated by: Melanie & Oshea Luja

The Event Center

Southern, California

Theater Play

Heavy Like the Weight of A Flame

Anteaus Theater Group

Glendale, CA.

Village Awards 2017

Melanie & Oshea Luja
 of Still Waters Events

Long Beach, Hilton

Long Beach CA.

Theater Play


Teatro Circulo

New York, NY

Book Signing

Mayme Clayton Museum

           Culver City, CA

Would You Marry You?



"We can't see our reflection in running water, it is only in Still Waters that we can see our reflection!"   #StillWaters #StillWatersRunsDeep

"I was just about to give up, and then

I was invited to Still Waters and it poured

into the neglected parts of my being!"

                               - Samantha Kingsley

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